Monday, January 16, 2012

Why Ron Paul is as dangerous as Barack Obama

There is no doubt that Ron Paul has made an impact on the Republican party in this election cycle. With his pair of second place finishes in both Iowa and New Hampshire, congressman Paul and his avid followers are hoping for more good results in the upcoming South Carolina Primary.
But the truth is this that even with his good domestic policies on the fed, limited government, and individual liberty, Ron Paul would be a disaster as president and if he runs as a third party candidate will ensure four more years of Barack Obama. With his isolationist policies and his incapacity to grasp the threat of radical Islam, I fear that Ron Paul is just as big a danger to America as Barack Obama is.
Barack Obama's socialist polices on the domestic front have crippled our nation and his pacifist policies in the wake of the Muslim Brotherhood's hostile takeover of Egypt and Syria, are a danger to this country and for the sake of this great land I hope that he is a one term president.
On the other hand if Ron Paul is the nominee of the GOP or some third party he would be just as big a disaster. While his domestic/economic policies would be a vast improvement from what we have now, his outdated and ignorant foreign policy would be a disaster and a threat to the peace and stability of the United States.
So under Ron Paul we would not assassinate terrorist leaders, we would not intervene in Iran taking over the straits of Hormuz which would make the price of gasoline at the pumps soar to double digits per gallon, we would not defend Israel, we would not be able to help our ally South Korea if North Korea decided to invade, we would not intervene as Iran makes connections in South and Central America, and you get the picture. Ron Paul's isolationist foreign policy is just as dangerous as Barack Obama's pacifist foreign policy.
So again Ron Paul's ideas on the economy and on the domestic front are great, but his foreign policy makes him unfit for the GOP nomination and if he by some miracle is elected would spell disaster for America in the long run.


  1. You state that Ron Paul is better than Obama on the economy and domestic front and only "wrong" on foreign policy. And you also state the Obama is ruining America on the domestic side and around the world. So if Ron Paul is better than Obama on more than 50% of your rating how does that make him "as dangerous as Barack Obama"? Would not Ron Paul be better by at least 50% mathematically? Sorry, your rational just does not add up.

    1. If Ron Paul's foreign policy is enacted if he were to become president the damage done to our national security, and the dangers he would open us up to, would result in a bad domestic economy anyway no matter how good his domestic policies are. If you economy is so called good, and you allow the Iranians to take over the straits of Hormuz for example then you would see gas prices at double digits per barrel and the economy would be in shambles. Thats what I am saying.

  2. You're right about Ron Paul's insanity w/r/t foreign affairs, and he's right that the federal government is way, way too big, and that the Constitution (and especially the 10th Amendment) is often ignored. But he's also clueless w/r/t economics, and he's even remarkably ignorant w/r/t his favorite topic, the U.S. Constitution.

    He wants to abolish the independent Federal Reserve, and have Congress handle its duties?!? The same Congress that can't even pass a budget!?! He's seen Congress from the inside, he knows how disfunctional it is, so he's GOT to know that's nuts!

    Plus, he actively courts the Bircher & 9-11 Truther nutcases, like his friend, Alex Jones. (Hear Jones talk about conservatives here: )

    And Ron Paul waves that Constitution of his around like Clinton waved his big Bible: apparently just for show, without bothering to read it! How else can you explain this clip, where he claims that "there's no Constitutional authority" for the U.S. government to interfere with GENOCIDE in Darfur:
    Article I, Section 8, paragraph 10 of the U.S. Constitution explicitly authorizes the federal government to "...define and punish Piracies and Felonies committed on the high Seas, and Offenses against the Law of Nations." Of course, there is no clearer offense against the Law of Nations than genocide. (BTW, I encourage you to watch that video clip to the end, to see how the serious candidates responded.)