Thursday, January 19, 2012

     Above is a link of the recent news that Speaker Pro Tem Dale Folwell will seek the GOP nomination for Lt. Governor. Many were surprised at the decision not to run again for his House seat and that he would choose an already crowded race. Dan Forest and Tony Gurley are already in the primary race.
     Personally I think that Mr. Folwell is making a mistake. As a conservative I am really impressed with Dan Forest. He has articulated his conservative message early and often. In a race where we already have a good conservative why would Folwell, a conservative himself, muddy up the race?
     Now don't get me wrong. Dale Folwell is a great conservative and a good man. I would rather him take his conservative credentials and challenge Pat McCrory in the primary for Governor. This thought was given to me by a good friend. Folwell has the conservative backing and the money to compete in such a race and it would keep McCrory honest. Many conservatives are still leery of McCrory and a conservative challenger in the race would help to push the former mayor to be true to the conservative base.
      I just hope that the direction from the Governor's mansion on down to the local governments are conservative. We have a real opportunity as conservatives to change the face of NC. To reform and reshape education, lower our taxes, pass tough immigration reform, and actually reduce the size and scope of government itself. Sounds nice doesn't it? We will need men like Dan Forest and Dale Folwell to do it.

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    As Pastor Kelly repeated humpteen thousand times, "Politics is the art of the possible." Our first choice is to elect the most ideal candidate. If that can't be done, then our duty is to elect the lesser of the remaining two evils.