Friday, January 20, 2012

It's not just about beating Obama

     The main objective this election cycle it seems on the republican side is to find the silver bullet to defeat Barack Obama. It is imperative that Obama and his policies be beat. But that is only the beginning of a larger struggle. The first battle, if you will, of a long war.
     Let's say we beat Obama and we take the Senate back, and retain the House and everything is honky dory. Yet we go another four years or even two years and don't fix the problem, this obese federal government. While defeating Obama may help us in the short term, if we do nothing to fix this country's serious problems it will all be for nothing.
     That is why we don't need an establishment guy, or the slickest debater, or the most electable. We need a true conservative in the White House. More than that we need true conservatives in the Senate and the House. We need to take on the tough issues like entitlement reform, immigration reform, balancing the budget, returning education  to the local governments, tax reform, and many other challenges head on with a conservative attitude, message, and policies.
     So when you are watching these debates and thinking about whom you would vote for, think about the actions we need taken. Choose the person who is not only capable of beating Obama, but who is also capable of leading a revolution to return our Government back to it's true constitutional form.

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