Saturday, November 23, 2013

It's Just A Website

Recently, Pat Corso of Partners on Progress floated the idea to our County Commissioners of a website. This website would be used to attract industry to our county. 
It sounds great. Of course the next step was money. Corso wanted close to $100,000 to get the website up and running. According to a report from 990 WEEB, two of the commissioners, Larry Caddell and Randy Saunders, voiced financial support for the project. 
Let's start on the obvious. Government is not very good at running websites. The next concern is practicality. We have a Chamber of Commerce and a Partners in Progress. They have their own budgets and websites. Why spend more taxpayer dollars on something that is unnecessary? Lastly, I doubt that a website is going to be our economic Field of Dreams. I don't think that the folks at IBM are going to move here because of a web page. 
The request was pulled before the meeting this past Tuesday night. Thankfully some of our commissioners used their common sense and good judgement. Government can attract industries with low taxes, good infrastructure, good schools, and public safety. We don't need gravy train subsidies or websites. Like I said the last thing we need is a government built website. 

Can't Fix Stupid.

Conservatives' predictions of disaster about Obamacare have come true. I would love nothing better than to gloat, but that is not what America needs. America needs salvation from this travesty of a law. 
The law is so unpopular that it's chief architect, President Obama, is trying to take his name off of the law. The Democrats are panicking and with good reason. 
The GOP needs to make 2014 about Obamacare. They need to hang this albatross around the necks of Congressional Democrats. I believe that as more Americans see their insurance plans canceled they will turn to the GOP in 2014. 
If the GOP will stop fighting each other and start focusing on the real enemy, Obama and his liberal agenda, then they can win in 2014. However the GOP needs one clear message. Repeal Obamacare and institute real reform. 
There are some that say we can fix it. To those I say, you can't fix stupid. This law is fundamentally flawed. The rollout is just another example of big government incompetence. This is one pig that you can't put lipstick on. 
GOP candidates need to run on a clear common sense agenda of repealing Obamacare, reducing spending, reforming entitlements, and restoring our greatness at home and abroad. The GOP needs to stop thinking like Washington and start thinking like common sense Americans. If they do they will win in 2014. If not,blike I said you can't fix stupid.