Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Will the GOP actually do anything different?

For many years the same mantra goes forth from the GOP. Stop government spending, reduce taxes, make real cuts, reform our entitlement programs, and the list goes on and on and on. Yet every four years the same issues and the same problems are still there. So it begs the question, if a conservative wave overtakes the US senate and the White House and retains the US House, will it even matter?
Let's examine history. Ronald Reagan was a true conservative. He had grand designs for reducing government, and increasing the power of state and local governments. He wanted to abolish the Department of Education. Yet the liberals and yes squishy republicans fought him tooth and nail over every reform. Every year from 1981 to 1988, the Reagan White House submitted a budget that reduced spending and cut into bureaucracy. Yet these budgets were dead on arrival and we saw spending increase and so did our deficit. Liberals love to say that Reagan created the deficit but the truth is that it was the liberals in both parties who were the reason for the deficit. The department of Education wasn't abolished and government continued to grow.
President Reagan was a great leader. He accomplished a great deal. Yet if the truth be told he was limited in what he could do to Washington because the liberals in both parties fought him. The trajectory of government spending and it's power continued to grow.
The 1994 revolution and the Contract with America era made some headway. From balancing the budget, reducing taxes, and reforming our entitlement programs. But that coalition fell apart and the GOP went back to the same old thing under George W. Bush. Passing tax cuts, while at the same time passing a prescription drug benefit entitlement, No Child Left Behind written with Ted Kennedy, and well you get the picture. George W. Bush led this nation through the aftermath of September 11th and led us through the conflicts that followed. He did cut taxes and was a good man. But the trajectory of government, from it's spending and it's power, continued to grow. We've have seen the fruits of unchecked liberalism to the housing collapse, the collapse the of the auto industry, massive unemployment, and now even more government intrusion.
This is not to depress or discourage. Only to warn and steel us, the conservatives, that this is a crucial election in a crucial time. I believe America is ready for real change. It's time to be bold and unyielding. It's time to actually cut government spending and reduce it's influence in our lives. Now is not the time to go along and get along. Now is the time to stand up and fight for the future this country can have if only we hearken back to the principles in our founding documents. We cannot tolerate anymore of the squishy liberal bilge that flows like a fountain from Washington and from both parties. Again we can either reverse course and actually do some of the things we've been talking about for decades, or we can elect a moderate to the White House and do a few things differently but still continue our descent towards the utter destruction of America as we know it. The choice is ours. What will we do?

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