Friday, December 16, 2011

It's not who is the best debater.

Why has Newt Gingrich risen like a phoenix from the ashes. Simply, the debates have given Gingrich his stage to wow the GOP electorate. One could argue that if there were not as many debates Gingrich might still be on the bottom of the pile and maybe Rick Perry would still be up front.
But I keep hearing the same line over and over and over again. "We need someone who can beat Obama in the debates, we need a smooth candidate." It's the same quote you hear from the lackey media. If that is the sole criteria then Gingrich or Romney is the winner. Let's just proclaim them the winners and go home. Not so fast.
Gingrich is an insider, no question about it. He has numerous problems. From sitting on a couch with Nancy Pelosi, to his propensity for wacky statements, and his attack on Paul Ryan's budget and welfare reforms. Romney has flip-flopped on clean coal, abortion, gay marriage, and numerous other issues and he is more interested in impressing the moderates then convincing conservative voters. There are three other candidates out there that are true conservatives. Debating and being slick are traits that should not be in our consideration in this primary. It's whether or not the candidate is conservative in their values and will they fight for those values bravely without wavering.
I would rather have someone who may not be the best talker, but someone who has the conservative ideals and principles that will lead this nation back from the brink. It's about the ideas, the policies, and the values. Not whether they are slick talker.

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