Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Purdue In trouble- White House is nervous

With Governor Bev Purdue's approval ratings low and with the recent revelations of the criminal acts of some of her cronies, it appears the democrats are fearing a blowout in the November election. Her opponent at this point would be former Charlotte Mayor Pat McCrory, who narrowly lost to Purdue in 2008. Many believe that McCrory was a victim of the Obama coattails.
The above story indicates that the liberal democrats and the White House are uneasy about Purdue's chances. The story is that Purdue was leaked by an official in the Bureau of Labor unemployment numbers before they were reported. The gist is that the governor could craft a message or get out ahead of the numbers to benefit her politically. The point is that it is illegal and shows the desperation of the left in NC.
It just shows you that there is a tidal wave coming folks. If the GOP carries a truly conservative banner in 2012 and they hang the last 3 1/2 years of socialist policies, unemployment, and stagnation around Obama's and Purdue's necks, then we should expect a landslide. But again we are talking about the GOP here, who always finds a way to screw conservatives and snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.
A word to former Mayor McCrory. Carry a conservative message of tax reform, tougher immigration laws and procedures, less government, offshore drilling, support for traditional marriage and you will win the day. If you listen to the elites and the brainiac pollsters and political scientists which will tell you to try to tone down such a message and be more moderate to attract independents, you will lose again.
Again Conservatism wins elections.

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