Thursday, December 15, 2011


 The Moore County Commissioners will be deciding soon about redistricting. Possibly at their upcoming meeting in January. As of now there are six total options for there consideration.
Option six listed below is basically a leave it as is option. The districts would basically stay the same. In a later post I will post the other options.

Well in my view the redistricting needs to be about the representation of the area. The best option whichever can accomplish this needs to be where the commissioners who live in that district are representing the needs of that district.
But I have to say that an option I would love to see is putting Tim Lea and Nick Picerno in the same district. It not only would be very lively and vigorous, it would be epic. Tim has feuded with Nick ever since they have been on the board. It would pit Nick, the true conservative, against Tim, the Dick Dastardly of Moore County. It would be a pay-per-view event. Probably won't happen but hey a politico can dream.

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