Thursday, December 4, 2014

Why Karl Rove/ DC Insiders Are Wrong

Karl Rove and many other GOP insiders are saying that we must embrace amnesty. They see it as a political necessity. The GOP can no longer just rely on the "three legged stool" of defense, evangelicals, and fiscal hawks. The GOP is in need of new voters. The obvious choice is the expanding voter pool of Hispanics, legal or otherwise.
The logic is that if the GOP is seen as being compassionate and seen as the instrument of amnesty that it will result in a surge of Latino votes. This has been echoed for decades now. Al Simpson and even Ronald Reagan bought into it, in the Simpson-Rizzoli Act of 1986. We saw it in the lame duck days of the George W. Bush Presidency. We see it now in the emergence of the special interests like the Chamber of Commerce and the Agricultural lobby. The GOP is under immense pressure to authorize some form of amnesty. Mitt Romney says we must do it. Jeb Bush says we must do it. John McCain says we must do it. Well that may be the kiss of death in of itself but that's another matter. The mainstream GOP is leaning towards amnesty. The question is though, will there supposed rescue plan actually destroy them as a national party?
Below is a transcript of the Rush Limbaugh program some years ago. I take no credit for this excerpt.

"They vote not based on immigration at all, and here's the proof. In 1984, Ronaldus Magnus wins in a landslide, and in '84 Ronaldus Magnus got 37% of the Hispanic vote. Two years later, Reagan signed into law amnesty for three million illegals, called Simpson-Mazzoli. Now, according to the wizards in the Republican consultancy class, that should have meant droves of Hispanics voting for the next Republican in 1988.
Reagan got 37% and passed amnesty. We showed the Hispanics we love 'em, we cherish 'em, we care about 'em. We granted them amnesty. We gave citizenship to three-point-some-odd million of them in 1986. The next presidential election is George H. W. Bush in 1988. The percentage of the Hispanic vote that he got two years after amnesty was 30%. So '84, Reagan: 37% Hispanic vote.
Two years later, amnesty (which was supposed to really make us loved and adored and really supported at the polls). Two more years, 1988, George H. W. Bush loses 7% of the Hispanic vote from Reagan's '84 totalitarians. So after amnesty... Now, you might not be able to claim that amnesty loss, but it certainly didn't get us any more votes. We lost votes. Now, how do the Wizards of Smart on the Republican side explain this? I want to hear the explanation for this.
Again, very quickly (I know numbers are tough to follow on radio): in '84, Reagan, 37% Hispanic vote in a landslide. Two years later, he grants amnesty to three million illegals. And in two more years, George H. W. Bush only gets 30% of the Hispanic vote. Two years after amnesty, the Republicans lose 7% of the Hispanic vote they had prior election. So where is this empirical evidence that reaching out and granting amnesty or pathway to citizenship or whatever works?
There isn't any evidence that it accomplishes what the Republicans are dreaming that it will accomplish."
This is the kind of common sense and logic that seems to elude the Karl Rove and company types. They ignore history and insist that they are right, yet the evidence tells a completely different story. Since Simpson-Rizzoli the GOP has steadily lost their already small portion of the hispanic vote. There are number of reasons for this. 
Amnesty is all well and good but what comes after that. Many of these folks are poor and destitute. They will be in need of assistance, government assistance. What party has, since FDR, been associated with government run assistance? Ding, Ding,Ding, that's right, the democrats. The liberal democratic party is a natural choice for these folks since they are a perverse version of Santa Clause Except this benevolent do gooder doesn't have a jolly spirit and an army of elves. This form of assistance comes with strings and dependence, with no hope of self sufficiency. 
Unless the GOP moves to the left, it already has, then the latino vote will always vote for the democrats and not the democrate lite candidates that permeate the GOP.
The above link is the story that Rush was referencing. Folks we have to stop this. Call your congressman or congresswoman. Tell them to defund executive amnesty. It's not because we are mean and racist, as the left and their media cohorts say. It is because we are nation of laws, and at this point the laws are being trampled on. I welcome legal immigration. I do not welcome illegal immigration. The GOP can stop this. It's not too late. 

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