Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Renee Ellmers In Bed With Special Interests

Many of you have heard of the Marketplace Fairness Act otherwise known as the Internet Sales Tax. I am always amazed how Wahington acts like used car salesmen when it comes to bill titles. It sounds good but normally the product or legislation falls short of expectations and usually costs more than the sticker price. This act is a threat to small online retailers everywhere. I was sad to learn today in an e-mail that our congresswoman from the 2nd District is a key part of this job killing legislation. 
Hugh Fike with Heritage Action shared this information with me today. 

This is very troubling but sadly not surprising. Rep. Ellmers has a documented history of siding with the special interests over her own district's values. This is a bill that is heavily lobbied by big retailers. This bill sounds fair but it is anything but. This bill, intentional or not, will hurt small online stores. We all know someone who uses the internet as a storefront. This bill will hurt them exponentially and benefit the big retailers. 

The above video is just a taste of how Washington, with Renee Ellmers help, is putting more of a strain on small businesses. Keep in mind that small businesses make up a good chunk of employment opportunity in this country. 

The above video is a great breakdown by our friends at the Heritage Foundation why this bill is bad. I will summarize the high points. 

1. It is unfair. Big retailers that have physical presence in a state are eligible to  collect sales tax. They are only responsible for the consumers in that state. This bill would force small online retailers to comply with over 10,000 different tax zones. This will result in higher compliance costs for these small businesses. This bill will discourage innovation. It will bankrupt small online retailers. It will increase unemployment. It may be good for the big retailers, the lobbyists they hire, and the legislators they contribute to, but it is bad for you and me.
2. It is a tax. Taxes, once enacted, are rarely if ever repealed. As a North Carolina voter who pays local/county tax, state tax, federal income tax, sales tax, gas tax, etc. I feel that we are taxed enough. What we need is less taxes and less government. Not more taxes and more government. 
Rep. Is more than just a potential "yea" vote. She is a co-sponsor. That's right Moore County voter. Your "conservative" congresswoman is co-sponsor to a job killing, tax hiking, piece of legislation. This bill will probably be taken up in next session. There is still time. Please call Rep. Ellmers and tell her to do the following: 
1. Remove her name as a co-sponsor. 
2. Vote against this unfair and liberal piece of legislation. 

Remember, she works for you. Not the Speaker of the House. Not the special interests. She is our Representative. Let's  tell her what we feel. 

You can reach her on twitter @repreneeellmers

Also at her office at (202) 225-4531

If we do nothing to stop this, than we have no right to complain about the state of our nation. If we start, as individual ciozens, standing up in the face of these threats to our way of life, we can reverse our perilous course. We can then rebuild this great nation. It starts with me. It starts with you. Let's get started. 

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