Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Let's Put Our Money Where Our Mouth Is

The NC legislature created a committee to study the Common Core standards, and ultimately come up with a new set of standards. I don't want to spend a lot of time on Common Core, since there is so much more material on this issue. I will provide some links that discusses the Common Core standards. The bottom line bullet points are these.
1. It is a another top to bottom, one size fits all solution or faux solution to our education issues.
2. These standards water down a lot of things in terms of math, history, etc. We can do better.
This committee convened in September of this year and has made real progress. We have now discovered that the committee is essentially out of funds and may not be able to finish what they started.


I personally wish the legislature would have passed their own standards through the legislative process. As a rule, with exceptions, I feel that outside committees are essentially a cop out. Regardless, of my opinion, the fact is that we have the committee and it needs to be funded fully so that it can do the important tasks of:
1. Getting rid of Common Core.
2. Replacing it with solid, dependable standards that will push NC to the top.
I believe that we need more local involvement. We need more local school boards, and parents involved in what they feel is best for the children. We all know the definition of insanity. Well, if we keep buying in to this idea that centralized standards will work, as we long as rename it every couple of years, we will never fix the problem.
The legislature will be sworn in on January 14, 2015. The real work will begin on January 28, 2015. We need to contact our state House and Senate members. We need to let them know the following:
1. I oppose the Common Core standards.
2. I support the replacement of Common Core standards with new ones created with local and state input.
3. There is a committee that was created to recommend changes to the Common Core standards, that has made real progress.
4. This committee is out of money and needs more funds to complete their directive.
5. Please, fund the committee fully and replace Common Core with real standards and real reform for North Carolina's children.
Below are the links to the Senators and Reps. who we need to  contact, who have a direct say on such a funding request.

NC State Senate
Senator Jerry Tillman

Senator Dan Soucek

NC House
Rep. Horn

Rep. Blackwell
Rep. McGrady
Rep. Johnson
Rep. Langdon

Please call, e-mail, use twitter, or Facebook, or write a letter. Let your state rep. in your local district know as well. Sen. Tillman represents Randolph and Moore County already. We also need to contact State Rep Jamie Boles.

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