Friday, December 5, 2014

Fire Up The War Room

Heritage Action is leading the fight against President Obama's lawless policies. The recent Executive order that granted millions of illegal Aliens amnesty is an outrage. It violates the checks and balances of our democratic republic. This must be stopped! You can stop it. 

1. Call Rep. Renee Ellmers between 1pm and 5pm today. Tell her or her staff that we want in the omnibus bill a "defund" rider to the package. This would cut off funds to the departments that the President would use to implement his lawless actions. If such a rider is not part of the package then she vote "No". 
2. Forward her number to all of your friends and contacts, and ask them to call Rep. Ellmers or if not in her district, their Congressional rep. 
3. Over the weekend, flood her office with e-mails, with Facebook posts, with Twitter posts. If you are on Twitter use the hash tag # DefundObamasAmnesty or #NoAmnesty. Let's make it do when they come back from the weekend break that there will be mountains of e-mails, and social media messages telling her to defund the President's amnesty. 
4. The bill will probably be voted on next week anytime between Tuesday and Thursday. Let's pick up the calling on Monday. We will need to keep the pressure on until the vote comes to the floor. 

We are the power in this country. No matter how dark it gets and how bleak it looks, never forget that. You are the power. Rep. Renee Elllmers works for us. Not John Boehner or the Chamber of Commerce. Demand that she be the conservative she claims she is and let's hold her accountable. 

202-225-4531.  Rep. Ellmers DC office
She is on Facebook under Renee Ellmers. 
On twitter @RepReneeEllmers 
(202) 225-5662.  DC Fax number 

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