Thursday, November 27, 2014

True Reform, And Why Republicans and Democrats Don't Want It.

     Every election cycle  the same talking points are hurled at one another. The Democrats say that the GOP is for tax cuts for the wealthy, while the republicans say that Democrats are for higher taxes and higher spending. The truth is actually a combination of the two. They all want the same thing. Power for them and less freedom for us. 
     The Democrats have become a true socialist party. They want single payer health care. They want higher taxes and more revenue for programs that buy them votes. They want the chubby fingers of government stuck in every pie that they can. They have a few hold overs from a by gone era, but they are almost gone. The Left has driven the party to a radical place from which it will ever stay. 
     The Republicans are the same way. The GOP pushes tax cuts yet never a reduction in spending. They say they are a for a free market but they are for grants, subsidies, and credits to big corporations. They say that they want to reduce spending only if it is in someone else's district. We have had the Reagan Revolutionof the 80's and the Gingrich revolution in the mid 90's and what do we have to show for it? The government is as big as ever and there is no end in site. 
     I am not trying to belittle my own party for the sake of negativity. I am not trying to belittle anyone. As a twenty six year old husband father I have a burning desire to change our country. The old way of doing things must end. We must embark on a new course. It is very simple. It's plan that is simple, effective, and doable. 

     1. Flat tax- the old way of taxation is ineffective and a breeding ground of class warfare. We need a flat tax. The tax could be anywhere from 15% to 25%. The tax rate could only be raised with a 2/3 majority vote of congress. There could be an exemption for simple majority vote in times of national emergency like a world war. 
          We could exempt those making under $20,000 a year. There would be no deductions or tax credits. The corporate tax rate would be in a similar fashion. The corporate rare would be capped at 20%. These tax rates would allow us to to allow more Americans to keep more of their hard earned dollars in their pockets. 
     2. Education localization- the Department of Education would be abolished. There would be no Federal monies. Each State can levy their own taxes and fees to pay for education. The curriculums and standards would be set by state and local school boards. There would be no more federal bullying of the states. 
     3. Entitlement reform- Social Security would be made into a system where the people would be responsible for their own retirement. We would honor the obligation made to today's seniors. We would raise the retirement age, while converting individuals 35 and younger to a system where they would contribute their own money into a retirement account much like a 401k. The government would get out of retirement planning. 
          The same would be true for Medicare and Medicaid. Medicare would be replaced by private citizens saving for long term care with HSA's or Health Savings Accounts. Medicaid would be provided to the poor and the needy but there would be limits. 
                a) work requirements- if you are able to work than you will work. Obviously there would be exemptions for the disabled and impaired. 
                b) citizenship- no benefits will be given to illegal aliens. 
                c) child limitation- there would be a limit of 2 children that would be covered under Medicaid. All other births would have to be paid out of pocket. 
     4. Balanced Budget-the Federal must have a balanced budget. This budget will only be allowed to spend up to 15% of GDP. Increase in spending/debt to GDP ration could only be increased by a 2/3 vote in both Houses of Congress. The spending to GDP ratio would be capped at 20%. Any proposed increase over this 20% threshold would require a constitutional amendment. 
          There would be a exception to spending limits in times of war. Even with this exception, spending would have to be approved by a 2/3 vote of both houses of congress. 
     5. Secure the border/Empower Israel/Kill the Terrorists/No Nation Building-our foreign policy would be simple. 

         a) Secure the border. We will encourage legal immigration. We will have a streamlined system so that people who want to come here legally can come here quickly. Those who violate our laws will be caught and deported without hesitation. 
         b) Empower our friends and allies, especially Israel. Israel is our most consistent and stable allie in the Middle East. Instead of limiting them we should be giving them cover. Allow Israel to destroy Hamas and Hezbollah. Empower Israel to be safe and strong. Once the Palestinians and their allies see that as long as they are aligned with terrorism there will be no peace. 
         c) Kill the terrorists. Terrorists groups and networks that would harm the United States would be dealt with deadly force. Special Operations forces would be tasked with finding and killing any terrorist. We will not invade or occupy. We will rather seek and destroy. 
         d) No nation building. We must learn the lessons of Afghanistan and Iraq. Though both were valiant efforts, we must see that a democratic system of governance must be self generated and organic. We will not invade to build a nation. The only time we will go to a full scale war is to utterly annihilate the enemy and achieve absolute victory. 

This is a simple plan and there is a lot that encompasses these ideas and much more that are not discussed but it's a start. The time for playing it safe is over. It's time for bold leadership and decisive action. We must change direction. The difference between the establishment GOP and Democrats is that the democrats take us over the cliff at 100mph and the establishment GOP takes us over the same cliff at 30 mph. Either way, we fail. In order to make our future brighter than our past, we have to make the necessary sacrifices. We must embrace these changes. We must stop buying into the left and their  premises and start embracing our challenges and the real solutions that will meet those challenges. As a new session grows near, let us not hope for results. Let's demand it. 

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