Saturday, November 22, 2014

Burr Can't See The Trees For Forest

This post is in no way an official statement from any of the politicians mentioned. This is the humble opinion of a conservative who is daydreaming I suppose. Indulge me, if you will, for just a moment. 
Lt. Governor Dan Forest is a conservative who has many of us on the right excited. He is a fiscal conservative who has agreed with the stand the legislature has taken in regards to reforming North Carolina's tax code. 
He has broken with Governor McCrory on Common Core standards. He was instrumental in getting the common core commission set up to replace the controversial standards. 
He is pro-life. He is pro- traditional marriage. He has all the positions and views that would energize and mobilize the GOP base. So the question is where does he go from here? 
Will he challenge Governor McCrory in a primary? There is a lot of discontent an anger at the governor for his petty fights with the conservative legislature. Many on the right see McCrory as a hindrance to the conservative agenda. 
I believe that this would be a mistake. Challenging incumbent executives in primary races for the White House or Governor's mansion are usually failed attempts. Forest would run a spirited race but would fracture the GOP base and would damage future plans. He should not challenge McCrory. 
Should he wait until the Governor's nomination on the GOP side is open? The earliest that would be is 2020. That is a long time to wait. There is also no guarantee that he would even get the nomination. No, Forest should run in a race in 2016. Which one you may ask. Well, I'll tell you. I have the perfect fit for the conservative Lt. Governor. The US Senate. 
Most, if not all conservatives, are unhappy with Senator Richard Burr. He votes the party line the majority of the time but he has angered conservatives with several of his votes. 
He voted for the bank bailout in 2008.He voted for the Repeal of Don't Ask Don't Tell. He ridiculed Senators Ted Cruz and Mike Lee when they tried to defund Obamacare last year. The fight led to a government shutdown. He called the effort "stupid". That meant to many of us that he was calling conservatives in his home state stupid. 
Burr is a symbol to many of us in NC of the problem with longtime incumbent politicians. They talk a good game every six years, but in between those six years, they fail to do anything to change the system. They are part of a ruling class that values expediency over idealism. That values reelection over standing up for what's right. 
These attitudes are not just held by conservatives. Senator Burr's approval numbers are in the 20's. Many people are tired of politicians in Washington. There is a definite anti-incumbent attitude that Burr may suffer from in 2016, if he decides to run again. 
I believe that it would be tough, but Dan Forest can beat Richard Burr. He can be the 2016 GOP US Senate candidate from North Carolina. We have not had a true conservative voice from North Carolina since the late Senator Jesse Helms retired. Isn't time we had a true conservative voice in Washington? So to Lt. Governor Dan Forest, I say Run Forest, Run! North Carolina needs conservatives like Dan Forest in the US Senate. 

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