Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Randy Saunders Goes Wishy Washy

     Commissioner Randy Saunders was elected to the seat that once was held by former commissioner Tim Lea. The former commissioner Lea was a controversial figure. It appears that his successor may be trying to be controversial as well. 
     Bladen County Board of Commissioners passed a resolution affirming their support for the voters of North Carolina who voted for marriage between a man and a woman. The resolution was more of a statement of support for the will of the people, as well as a condemnation of judicial activism. Recently a federal judge ruled the voter approved marriage amendment unconstitutional. 
     The Moore County board of commissioners, by voting on the amendment, were simply passing the same amendment. They were saying, in essence, amen to what the Bladen County board had already said. It is worth noting that this did not tie up the staff's time in a significant way and was a minor vote. This was a non binding resolution. 
     The resolution was passed by a 4-0 vote. The missing vote was Randy Saunders. Mr. Saunders who was away on business did however make his opinion known. In an interview on local television, Mr. Saunders said that he would have voted against the resolution. His reasoning was that it is a federal issue and not worthy of the county's time. 
     I will have to strongly disagree. The marriage amendment passed by overwhelming majorities in this county and many other counties across this state. We the people spoke. We the people are being disenfranchised by a liberal jurist who has no more regard for the constitution than the current occupant of the White House. Commissioner Saunders sounds like a politician who is on maneuvers. This means one of two things. 
     One, he is for gay marriage and is at odds with the majority of voters in this county. The second possibility is that he does support the marriage amendment and is ashamed to say so. The first is troubling for a commissioner of Moore County. This county is diverse. There is not one way of thinking and there is freedom of thought and expression aplenty. There is, however, a clear majority of people who feel that marriage is between a man and a woman. They appreciate their local leaders, even symbolically, standing up for there values and their rights. If Randy Saunders is for gay marriage than fine. It is his problem to bear next election cycle. I would have more respect for Commissioner Saunders if he would just give his real opinion and stop hiding behind phony excuses. 
     If he is for marriage but is scared of offending someone, then that is even worse. It shows a lack of true conviction. It shows that Mr. Saunders values political correctness over truth. Again these are two potential possibilities. It would be more clear if Mr. Saunders had voted for or against it based on his actual feelings, but alas he did not. 
     I am sure that Mr. Saunders is a good man with a great family. I wish him no ill will or malice. I just wish that he would give his true opinion, instead of hiding behind excuses. Agree or disagree, the voters in this county value directness and honesty. So the questions are these. Commissioner Saunders, what is your position on the resolution? Are you for Gay Marriage or traditional marriage? Are you for judicial activism or the integrity of the ballot box? Hopefully you will shoot straight with us. 

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