Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Why being pro-life is still important

Many people across the United States for the last thirty years or more have been hearing the debate of abortion. Many republicans and even many Americans are wondering is it time to ease up and maybe stop talking about abortion. The reality is that unless a complete miracle happens, the Supreme Court will never overturn Roe vs Wade. The options going forward are these. We can try to pass a constitutional amendment at the Federal level and try to have it ratified by the states. The next option would be to fight abortion on the state level, like the legislation recently passed out of the Texas and North Carolina Legislatures. These state laws are not taking away the "right" to an abortion but rather regulating it and making it harder to do. I favor the latter approach because it is easier to accomplish and can be accomplished in a quicker manner than the former method. Regardless of the tactics we choose, there will always be an increasing drumbeat, of liberals and moderates alike, to drop the pro-life agenda from the Republican Party. Some say that in this day in time with issues going on in the world and in our nation with the economy and our national debt, that abortion is a side show and a losing issue to run on. I could not disagree more. 
"We hold these truths to be self evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness" These words were written by Thomas Jefferson in our Declaration of Independence. This document was a statement that laid the foundation for the kind of government that our Constitution would form. It would be a government that realized that man has certain rights that no man or government shall infringe on. The first of these "unalienable" rights was Life. Government's job is to protect life. Government's job is not to condone or allow the whims or desires of some to trump the God given rights that everyone who has ever lived deserves and is entitled. 
The purpose of our government should be to protect life. Whether that life is in it's first moments, at conception, to the moment that the individual takes it's last breath. The only time that a life should be ended prematurely is when an individual decides to murder an innocent human being. Then the state should execute swift justice upon the person who is convicted by a jury of their peers, and only after the convicted has been given equal justice under the law. 
The Supreme Court in 1973, in the Roe v Wade decision, held that a human being had the protection under the 14th amendment, to terminate another human being legally. This was one of the most egregious and disgusting blows dealt to the rights of human beings in the annals of history. Millions upon millions of babies, since that awful decision, have perished. If you have ever read the 14th amendment, you will see that there is no "right" to an abortion in the amendment. The seven liberal justices on the court proceeded to, under the due process clause, write in our government charter the "right" to kill another human life. It is a blot on our nation's conscience and character that can never be purged. 
If the same government that has condoned and allowed the murder of millions of babies is allowed to go unchallenged, then what is to stop them from instituting "death panels" in the new health care law. Where does it end. The sanctity of life should be protected by government. End of story. If we do not have a government that can do this, than that government is well on it's way to a totalitarian state if it isn't there already.  
Liberty, our founding documents and principles should never be forsaken, The fight to protect the "unalienable" right to life should never be surrendered. With all our might and all our strength we should fight for our rights. Those rights are not given by government, but by Almighty God. The same energy that we conservatives and libertarians devote to the second amendment should be devoted to the fight to save the unborn. If there ever was a fight worth fighting it is fight to preserve and protect the right to life. If that right is not worth fighting for than all other rights are worthless. If we give up on this, than we have lost, not only our party, but our nation.  

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