Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Amnesty is not Reform

     Immigration reform continues to dominate the headlines. You can hardly turn on your radio, TV, or web browser without seeing something about immigration. On the one side you have the left. The lefties want open borders and flat out amnesty. This position will not only satisfy the aim of many on the left to see the number of people on social programs skyrocket, but also will benefit the left politically. It is just common sense. Many of the individuals who are here illegally would benefit from the programs that liberals hold and promote so dear. The Democratic party is basically buying votes and this is another chapter in the Liberal playbook. It has been used by the Democratic party since President Franklin Roosevelt cemented the different factions of the democratic party, paid for by the tax payer, with his New Deal. Democrats, led by President Obama, are now reliving the glory days of the New Deal, with their own version. This began with the healthcare takeover. I refuse to use reform, since reform conjures up images of improvement. The democratic agenda is an unashamed and unabashed acceptance of communist and totalitarian principles. The great sadness is that many people will vote for these principles under the guise of compassion, fairness, and moderation. Nothing could be further than the truth. If the liberal democrats get there way we will have no borders, and any chance of national relevance for the opposition, aka conservatives, will be gone. 
     Sadly, many Republicans are buying into the myth that we can have immigration reform without enforcement. Senator Marco Rubio has become the spokesman for the liberals and moderate republicans. Senator Rubio insists that this is not amnesty. Don't you believe a word of it. We can't trust this government and we can not trust this administration. We have seen the promises of the 1986 Simpson-Rizzoli Act only to see our laws ignored and millions of illegal aliens coming into our country. Republicans in the US House must send a clear message. Enforcement of our laws and border. Once that is done we can talk about the reform of our actual immigration process. 
     Republicans foolishly believe that if they put their stamp on amnesty then they will benefit from the voting power of the largest minority group. Studies show that after a Republican president, Reagan, and a Republican senator, Simpson, passed amnesty in 1986, Republicans share of the Latino vote has decreased not increased. I am not saying that Republicans should pass legislation based on political motivations. I believe that this bill is wrong and immoral and complete waste of time. However, I know how politicians think. Getting elected is always on there minds regardless of party. This is why the republicans are thinking about this. What I am saying is that even putting this bill in the political context, it still doesn't make sense. 
     In these times we need to not lay down our values and principles. Rather, we need to embrace the values of our Constitution and our conservative principles. If we do not we will not achieve political victory. If we compromise with the liberals on this issue, we will be a minority party for the duration. You can count on it. Call your congressional representative and let them know that we do not want amnesty. 

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