Friday, July 19, 2013

Stop the gravy train!

     I don't know how many times I have heard a politicians of both parties talk about how grants are "free money". It not only shows the naivete of many of those who hold positions of authority, it also shows the avarice and greed that permeates our government. Everyone seems to be conservative until you try to deny them a piece of the pie. Many in our party are fiscally conservative, unless it's a library with their name on it or a grant to their cronies back home. Then many of the "conservatives" turn into liberals in a skinny minute.
     Government has no money of it's own. Any money that government gets is from you the people. So if you ever hear someone say that it is "free money" or government money, you just cut them off and tell them that it is your money not theirs. Whenever you hear about these grants, many times it is your tax dollars that has been passed up the chain to Washington or Raleigh. Then that money is distributed back down again, many times acting as political favors and voter payoffs. It would astound us to know the amount of money from North Carolina tax payers that has been sent to buy votes in California or elsewhere. It would be hilarious if it wasn't so unethical.
     I have no problem with paying taxes to receive services, like a military, infrastructure, education, and so forth. I do have a problem with government being involved in so many facets of my life that they take yours and my hard earned dollars and then redistribute it to whomever they wish like it's a game of monopoly. We need to keep as much of our money from government as possible. When we do give it up, that money needs to be primarily at the local and state levels.
     Why not have a government, limited in scope, that only needed enough money to do what our constitution says it should do, and then leave the rest to the states and to the local governments. Sounds too simple I guess. The sad thing is that it seems like no one wants to be the first to say no. Many politicians say that they agree with the above statements and are against ear marks and redistribution, but as long as the system keeps going they are going to use it.
     What we need is some patriots to stand up and say that the redistribution of tax dollars from the bureaucrats in Washington needs to stop. We need to pay only what was is necessary to our federal government, what it takes to fulfill their Constitutional role and nothing else. In keeping with the 10th amendment, we need to keep all powers at the state level not spelled out to the federal government. That means not only can we shrink the scope of our federal government, we could also shrink the financial burden as well.
     I think it is so sad that our Constitution is the only charter our government has for existing, yet if you mention it you are looked at like you are speaking gibberish. Regardless of the perceptions of liberals and elites, we must never forsake those great principles and laws. We must, as conservatives, explain these precepts, and defend them at all costs. We can start by ending the gravy train. America is buried, if you'll allow me to coin the phrase, in grants tomb. We are buried under a mountain of debt and we don't need to be. I think it's time for a revival or a resurrection if you will. It starts today with working at the local level to get local candidates in office who share these values. It continues at the state and federal levels with electing officials who want to limit their power instead of increase it. Let's get going!

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