Saturday, January 17, 2015

Randy Saunders Takes Mask Off

Commissioner Randy Saunders ran as the anti-Tim Lea. He wanted to be open and transparent. He did not want to play the political games that Tim Lea was so good at playing. However, his actions over the last several months have proven otherwise. 
He went on record with a regional tv station saying that he would not have voted for a resolution the Moore County Board of Commissioners passed in November. The resolution condemned the actions of activist judges who overruled the will of Moore County, and NC voters, who had voted for Amendment 1. Saunders was not present but made it abundantly clear that his spine does not extend to the social issues. 
Then yesterday Randy Saunders continued his deception. He was a voting delegate to the NCACC conference. The conference is an opportunity for the County Commissioners as a group across the state to push their legislative goals. 
The Moore County Board of Commissioners in conversations had come to a consensus on the following goals: 
1. Lottery funding- making sure that the legislature funds education initiatives with the lottery funding as promised. 
2. Keep School bus funding a state matter or responsibility. 
3. No unfunded mandates. 
There were others, but these were the main ones. Education was the main area of concern for the Commissioners. Randy Saunders said that he would carry out the will of the board. 
He instead voted went against the will of the board and went along with the crowd. He voted to make expanding Medicaid more important than what he and his fellow board members agreed to do. He said one thing and did another. 
It is bad on two points. The first is that the expansion of Medicaid makes no fiscal sense. Second, is that he went to represent the Moore County Board and instead of voting the collective will of the board he substituted his own agenda. 
We have learned two things from this. The first is that Randy Saunders is more liberal than he lets on. The second is not to trust Randy Saunders. 
It is sad. It truly is sad that Randy Saunders could have been a leader in that room. He could have shown that Moore County is for education, limited government, and fairness. Instead, he voted, with the crowd, for more spending and more government. Sad. 

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