Saturday, August 10, 2013

Tillis needs to copy Moore County

Recently on his Twitter and Facebook accounts, NC House speaker Thom Tillis has been touting the new budget. He highlights that we are spending more money on education than when the liberal democrats were in the majority. The speaker is clearly trying to appear moderate. He is running for US Senate, and he wants voters to think that he is for the children. 
I think that the legislature did some good things, but the budget still increased spending. You would think that with a GOP led legislature, that spending might actually have gone down. Tillis is sounding like the liberal democrats when he proclaims that we are spending more like it is a good thing. Speaker Tillis and the rest of the NCGA need to study what our Moore County board of commissioners have been doing. 
Moore County has made investments in education, water infrastructure, and public safety. They did this while reducing property taxes and reducing spending through various methods. Instead of simply moving the money around to different places, the GOP led legislature needs to start looking at ways to actually reduce spending. 
Thom Tillis is running for Senate. NC does not need to elect another establishment politician. We see how that has turned out for our nation. There is another candidate running named Greg Brannon who sound like the kind of conservative we haven't had in Washington since Jesse Helms. We need to take a serious look at alternatives in this race. In Washington, Raleigh, and Moore County we need to have leaders who are committed to fiscal responsibility which means less taxes, less spending and more prosperity. At the local level we are on the right track. We still have a lot of work to do at the state  and federal levels. I do know that voting for Thom Tillis is a vote for six years of more of the same. This is a primary, we don't have to settle. 

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